What Are “Spike Bucks”?

We know that the longevity and growth of our business is due to you, our customers. We know
that you talk about us all the time and recommend us to your friends, relatives and neighbors.
Don’t you think that it’s time to be rewarded for this? We do!

We are introducing “Spike Bucks”, our way of saying ‘Thank You.’

How does it work?

McHenry Carpet Cleaners

• Recommend us to a friend or neighbor (either their home or business).

• When we schedule that new customer make sure they tell us it was you who recommended us to them.

• When we clean for them we will automatically send you a “Spike Buck”, a voucher worth ten dollars off any product or service we offer. That’s it.


Terms and Conditions:

Even though there may be more than one person that recommends us to a new customer, only one can receive the “Spike Buck.” Each “Spike Buck” has an expiration date and must be redeemed before that to be valid. The person to receive the “Spike Buck” must be identified at the time of scheduling or the time of cleaning to receive the voucher.