Understanding Pet Accidents – Part 2

Last post, Understanding Pet Accidents – Part 1,  dealt with the reasons why urine is so hard to remove. If you have not read that one, do so before you read this. It will make more sense.

Identifying a problem area due to pet accidents is not a difficult thing to do. Dealing with it can be. So what is next? Now it is time to ask some tough questions; questions you need to be honest about.

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Is this a problem that can be fixed?

We are not talking about the urine here. That can be fixed. This question is focused on the pet. Can you stop the pet from having accidents? Do you want to take those steps?

As they reach the end of their lives many pets become increasingly incontinent. Some owners are willing to put up with odor in order to enjoy those last months or years. Fixing the problem could also mean restricting the areas the pet can get to. Some are not willing to do this either wanting them to have more freedom. If the problem is likely to continue aggressive deodorizing would be a waste. There are other options.

How much does this really bother you?

This question can mean a lot. We find that some accept a little odor as just part of having a pet; much as some chewed shoes or scratched furniture would be. If the problem is not a huge concern, often less aggressive measures are acceptable. If it is driving you crazy! you will probably need to go with the more aggressive type of deodorizing. It is also good to remember that the odor and the stain are different. Sometimes when we get a call about an problem area the real concern are the spots on the carpet; the odor is not even noticed. Knowing the difference can help you get the services you truly want.

How much upset in the house are you willing to put up with?

Aggressive odor removal can be disruptive to the house as carpets are disengaged, padding and tackless strips are replaced, and carpets are cleaned and treated. The odor in the house may briefly increase during this process. The enzyme deodorizers take at least a few days to work and may take several treatments.  We bring this up  because we have gotten calls on Thursday for severe problems in which relatives are coming Saturday. That is not enough time for complete removal. If you want aggressive measures be able to have the time to do it in.

What is your budget?

In a perfect world, this would not be a question, right? But realistically we must consider it.  Aggressive treatment of heavily saturated areas (disengaging carpet, replacement of pad, sealing of subfloors, cleaning and treatment of carpets, reinstallation of carpet) may be hundreds of dollars or more depending on size. We have many options that can fit your budget and your sense of smell.

Pet accidents are part of having pets, but they don’t need to be thorns in your side. After reading these posts we hope you have a better idea of what you are up against.

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We are constantly cleaning carpets with severe pet odor, and yes, it can certainly be expensive! Better to train your pets than fork over the cash in my opinion


I like the framing of those questions. Having damaged carpets is not good when it comes to selling, and replacing them could’ve been prevented by just having professional services done along with some dog or animal training.

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