Meet Our Professional Staff

Proudly family owned and operated since 1976.


Ralph (A.K.A. “Spike”)

Ralph is the owner of Reliable Maintenance. He started the business over 40 years ago to support an ever growing family that now includes eight children and eleven grandchildren – so far! The business started out as a janitorial company, but expanded in the very early 80’s to include carpet and upholstery cleaning. This quickly became the mainstay of the business.



Marcia, Ralph’s wife, is often one of the first ones you will talk to when you call the office. She has been assisting our customers from the beginning. Her knowledge of the business and of cleaning in general will prove most helpful. Having raised a large family herself, she understands how valuable your family time is and works to make your experience with us as easy as possible.



Often referred to as “the other” Ralph, he is the oldest of Ralph and Marcia’s eight children. He started on the business quite early. In fact, some of our customers remember a nine- or ten-year-old boy coming along to assist his father. Now he has a family of his own. Ralph really enjoys the people aspect of the business and watching people’s reactions when their carpets sparkle.


Ethan is the newest member of the business. He is the third generation… yes, third generation. Being Ralph’s son, he has worked in the business for many years already helping out on summer vacations and other occasions. He is fast becoming a customer favorite. You will see that his mild manner and hard working character will make for a pleasant  cleaning experience!



Wylie is the newest member of the business. He is our windows ‘guru.’ Wylie is also part of the third generation. He is helping Reliable Maintenance to expand to meet more of your home needs. Let him make your windows sparkle and shine. While doing so you will enjoy his outgoing personality and ready-to-please character