Green Cleaning – It doesn’t have to cost a lot!


Green – it is a word that seems to be attached to more and more things. Manufacturing processes, fuel, cars, chemicals, cleaners, etc. (and the list could go on) are labeled as “Green.” No doubt, all of us want to take care of the planet and do what we can. But doesn’t it seem at times that the term ‘green’ seems to fit the money we spend and that companies make in the process? Home cleaning is no different. There are plenty of ‘green’ cleaners out there and you may have a few in your home.  Let’s talk about some things that you almost certainly have in your house that are often overlooked as excellent cleaners:

Hot Water: You can’t get any more environmentally friendly than this. So often when we want to clean or spot something we immediately think of detergents. Without a doubt, there is a place for those (i.e. grease, waste, etc.) but why not try water first? One of the things you can do is to heat the water first. The closer it is to boiling the better cleaner it becomes. When we clean carpets, we clean near 200 degrees! At that temperature you don’t need much soap.

White Vinegar: This is a great cleaner for windows, floors, and carpets. It dissolves urine, sweat, and other organic sources of odor. It also dissolves mineral buildups around sinks and faucets. It won’t leave a residue and is not harmful or toxic. Check this site out for more uses:

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%): This is the same stuff that you get at the supermarket or pharmacy. It works great to get out naturally occurring dyes and stains like wine or fruit juice. It can remove coffee stains, vomit stains, and may help with the stain left from feces.

Ammonia: This is also a very good all around cleaner for floors, kitchens and baths, carpets, and more. Check this site out:

Club Soda: I have been told by many people that they have gotten stains out of their carpets with this old remedy. I have not personally tried it, but it certainly is worth a try.

Hopefully, you get a sense that some of these old remedies still carry a lot of merit. Give them a try next time. It saves money and the environment. Hard to argue with that.

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