Can you clean carpets in the winter? Do you?


January is ending and February is about to begin. It’s cold and dreary. Why not add a little sunshine to the interior of your home? Often we are asked, “Can you clean carpets in the winter? Do you?” Without a doubt, the answer is YES. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of winter.

Yes, there are a few drawbacks.  These are often the reasons that winter cleaning is dismissed by some homeowners:

1. It’s cold outside!    This is very true. Our machines are truck-mounted, which means that all the hoses must go through an open door. Without a doubt, this leads to cold air entering the house. We do our best to minimize the effects of the cold by covering the door, but your house may drop a few degrees. Take heart, though, your furnace will warm up the house quickly when the cleaning is done.

2. It’s sloppy out!   This is true to a degree as well. Salt, slush, and snow are the mainstays of winter. But really, when is it not dirty out? Spring is rainy and muddy, summer is hot and humid, etc. Do you avoid washing your car in the winter because the roads are sloppy? Or do you wash it because the roads are sloppy? With good housekeeping practices that we know you have, the sloppy conditions will not cancel out the good effects of cleaning.

3. We are tight on funds!   Winter is a tough time financially for many of us. We, too, are not immune. We can work with you to get the most needed areas done. We can clean traffic patterns, spots, and the like to keep cost down but make sure you home looks great. Also, keep in mind that we accept credit cards. While we are not encouraging going into debt, these can serve a useful purpose.

Now consider the advantages!

1. Dry times are low!    Cold winter air has very little moisture in it -so- the humidity levels in your house are low! This allows carpets to dry quickly and efficiently with very little effort.

2. Humidity in the winter feels great!   No extra charge for the humidity. As the carpets dry, the moisture level in the air will increase, making the house feel warmer and more comfortable.


3. Clean carpet = clean air!   We spend a tremendous amount of time indoors during the winter. Soiled carpets + dry air = lower indoor air quality. Clean carpets can help keep the air clean.

4. We have plenty of openings!   Winter is always a slower  time for us, so you can have your choice of times and days. No waiting lists and we can often respond the same day. Did your schedule open up today? Give us a call and we may be able to get you right in.  Yep, winter is a great time to have your home cleaned!


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