What kind of vacuum should I buy?

We often get calls or inquiries about this. It’s a legitimate question. You want the best cleaning ‘bang’ for your buck. But, as with many questions of this nature most people seem to want us to tell them a brand and model that they should buy. But it’s not that simple. In order to answer that question consider what a vacuum actually does.


The vacuum simply creates a low-pressure system inside of it which moves air from the floor and out somewhere else on the body. It’s important to remember that all vacuums do this. Some move more air than others, filter the air better, have other gadgets (like a beater bar), have onboard tools, etc. There is a dizzying array of choices out there from units that cost less than a hundred dollars to ones that cost several thousand. Which should you choose?


Again, remember, THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING! That may seem obvious, but it is true, right? From our perspective as cleaners, the honest truth is that regular vacuuming with a cheap model is way better than only occasional vacuuming with a two-thousand dollar model. It’s the regularity that ultimately matters to the life and appearance of your carpets. Having an expensive vacuum DOES NOT mean you can vacuum less. Your carpets and floors don’t magically get less dirty because you have spent mega-bucks. A more expensive model may make the job easier and faster, but you can get the carpets clean with a cheap model.


So what kind of vacuum should you buy? TV commercials would have you believe that only the expensive models will work. Our answer is don’t be pulled into spending more than you can. Let your budget guide you. You may want to read over Consumer Reports or other similar things to find out about the reliability and durability of different models. Talk to friends and neighbors to see how they like their units. Personally we have had good success with Kenmore’s, but again, that is just us.


Sorry we don’t have a direct answer, but hopefully the above information can help you make a better choice.